November 2017 – igus Blog

“Low Cost Robotics”… Our approach

Martin Raak | 27. November 2017

“Make your dreams reality…” The phrase “low-cost robotics” stands for a significant increase in productivity with the help of a simple and affordable automation in the form of robotics components. Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


2 x (5+1) = igus® automation

Martin Raak | 23. November 2017

  We will present this automation unit for the mounting of e-chains at the SPS show in Nürnberg next week. It contains a double drylin rail with 2 robolink® arms (5 DOF each). Cycle time is reduced to ~3 sec. with this monting unit. More information will follow… Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already […]


robolink® and art

Martin Raak | 21. November 2017

The swiss light artist CAROLINE TAPERNOUX has used three robolink® joint arms to create different light installations and test our products for possible projects. This was our first project with a worldwide successfull artist and it was a great pleasure for us. Please watch the sample video to get an impression of her work or visit her website: […]


First survey results: Colour of robolink®

Martin Raak | 20. November 2017

Thank you for voting! Within the last 10 days we recieved nearly 100 votes and the intermediate result is: Further votes will still be counted! thank you very much for your feedback! Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


The colour of robolink®…?

Martin Raak | 9. November 2017

robolink® is a joint kit system. The igus® standard robolink® solution is in black colour today. Today we ask ourselves if this is the right colour for the product. Or should it be more light? One discussed solution might be SILVER (see pic). Please give us your vote which arm you would prefer if you had the choice. […]