October 2016 – igus Blog

igus® Automation with robolink (5 DOF)

Martin Raak | 18. October 2016

the video shows our internal factory automation unit with RL-D and RL-S joints in a standard 5 DOF robolink arm. the shown price label is for the complete 5 DOF arm with motors, joints, connections, cables and chains, fully mounted (like shown) but WITHOUT gripper (suction cup) and WITHOUT control parts. In this case we […]


MOTEK video

Martin Raak | 17. October 2016

please find attached an (amateur!) video from our MOTEK booth in Stuttgart: 4 DEMO units are shown here: 1) RL-D-RBT-5532S-AC with 5 DOF with vacuum gripper, 2) RL-D-RBT-3322-AC with 4 DOF and igus 3 finger gripper, 3) RL-DQ demo unit with 5 DOF (prototype; similar to 5 DOF “big” standard arm), 4) “low cost automation unit with […]


robolink® NEWS for MOTEK show

Martin Raak | 7. October 2016

At the MOTEK show in Stuttgart (GER), we will present the following MAIN news for robolink: Our current 4 DOF joint kit system will be enlarged by a fifth axis (“hand rotation”). This will be achieved with our NEW strain wave gear box RL-S-17 in combination with an igus NEMA11 stepper motor. From next week […]