April 2016 – igus Blog

robolinkĀ® NEWS at HMI 2016, strain wave gears

Martin Raak | 22. April 2016

At Hannover trade show next week (HMI 2016) we will present several new components and and possible options for our robolinkĀ® building block kit. Main new product is our new strain wave gear RL-S. We will present 2 sizes (RL-S-17 and RL-S-20) as prototypes. With these gears we show 2 prototypes of possible 6 axis […]


RL-D worm gear 4 DOF arms at HMI (new film)

Martin Raak | 7. April 2016

this film shows our 2 possible 4 DOF units in motion. The gripper can be ordered additionally, other products like pneumatic grippers, suction cups, cameras can be adapted easily!   Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!