“remote control”

Martin Raak | 24. January 2014

combination of 2 similar robolink arms controled by the encoder signals of the 1st one. You can see our NEW drive unit for 6 DOF in this video. That will be released at Hannover fair 2014 (April):   0 0


robolink in MONSTER application

Martin Raak | 17. January 2014

This one is with 2 robolink joints inside. motors will be added in the next step. https://youtu.be/Ak_10b26evk https://youtu.be/HkH_8kBkI5o?list=UUY-LuILkWsYsgaPrtMjdSqw the project is from team DARE in the Netherlands: http://teamdare.nl/   0 0