igus puppet show on HMI 2013 (with robolink drylin E and pikchain)

Martin Raak | 23. April 2013

the fully automated igus puppet show: 1 pikchain (in front), 6 drylin E slidingtables, 2 robolink 3DOF arms (the salesmen) and 1 camera arm (made by Tobias Abstreiter with 2 robolink joints underneath the camera): https://youtu.be/x5u1QpGl6WY 0 0


robolinkĀ® on HMI 2013, new catalogue

Martin Raak | 16. April 2013

On this year’s Hannover show we presented the first robolinkĀ® 6 DOF unit in operation, equipped with our new “base joint” RL-90-BL1. 0 0