November 2012 – igus Blog

robolink on the german trade shows COMPAMED and SPS

Martin Raak | 28. November 2012

I have decided to write my blog in english from today on. Please poste a comment if you don’t like it that way! Thank you. Attached 2 films as impressions from the german trade shows COMPAMED in Düsseldorf and SPS in Nürnberg in Nov. 2012:   In our new “Torso” you can see how the drive […]


Test new joint with 180┬░ movement (RL-50-003)

Martin Raak | 6. November 2012

The initial endurance tests of the new joint at 180° pivot angle have been running for several days. All our tests run 24/7.  Once as 4DOF system: and once as a pure 2DOF joint with 1.0 kg load:   Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!