August 2012 – igus Blog

Position accuracy in the Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF

Martin Raak | 28. August 2012

The Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF in Magdeburg has now been officially completed. In the film, there is a final documentation of the articulated arm’s positioning accuracy with the control intelligence developed by the institute. The second part of the film (from around 1:50 min.) shows the system achieving a positioning accuracy of +/-1 […]


robolink service updated in the WWW

Martin Raak | 17. August 2012

For the Hannover Messe in April we brought out a new catalog. Finally, the service has been updated accordingly in the Internet. In the SHOP you will find all individual joints and systems with prices for easy online ordering. At SUPPORT&SERVICE there is the updated data sheet and the current pdf catalog. Besides, online from […]


Humanoid torso with robolink (Malte Ahlers)

Martin Raak | 9. August 2012

Malte Ahlers is a robolink “beta tester” of the first hour. In 2010 he received the first joints and later additional components from us and with them he mechanically built this torso. Besides, he builds his own control modules and partially modifies our components to such an extent that even we ourselves are surprised what all […]


Technical specification for 31 articulated arm options

Martin Raak | 7. August 2012

There are 4 kinds of joints offered by igus® which can be combined to form articulated arms. A pure pivot joint and a pure rotary joint (1 DOF), as well as the original multiple-axis joint for rotating and pivoting (2 DOF) – available in symmetrical (+/-90°) and asymmetrical (+130°/-50°) versions. The combination produces altogether 31 […]