February 2012 – igus Blog

Feedthrough of draw wires

Martin Raak | 27. February 2012

For the series connection of joints, the 4 draw wires of the second (or upper) joint should be conducted through the first (or lower) joint. This feedthrough must be done in such a way that a movement of the lower joint does not alter the wire lengths of the feedthrough, which means Bowden cables are […]


igus® robolink® with pneumatic gripper

Martin Raak | 7. February 2012

We build demonstration plants time and again for our own trade shows and of course for our igus® subsidiaries all over the world. Such systems are then shown, for example at the Hannover Messe or Motek, as well as in many smaller or the so-called house shows of customers.For some time we’ve been equipping our […]