Ini switch for robolink D

We control the position of our RL-D joints by using the motor encoder (of our igus stepper motors). In order to define a reference point (or ZERO position), an additional inductive initiator switch (=Ini) can be installed on the joint as an option. The spec. of the Ini switch is given below, it is the same part that igus uses for drylin products. The inductive swich needs a steel part as trigger, we install a set pin in the moving part of our PRT inner ring.

The installation finally looks like this:


robolink® dummy with pneumatic muscles

I want to present a very ambitious project from our customer the automotive research and test centre CARISSMA, TH Ingolstadt. Project leader Igor Doric and his team had the goal to build a humanoid pedestrian dummy for autonomous emergency braking tests with vehicles.

This dummy shall not contain any metallic parts, especially no electric motors. Their concept is to use pneumatic muscles in combination with our wire driven robolink joints in order to achieve dynamic human-like movements. The dummy has 21 degrees of freedom for the motion of his head, arms and legs and weights less than 21kg! The dummy is carried by a 6D motion system (product name “M=6D target mover” developed by the project partner company MESSRING, 6D represents 3 translational and 3 rotational degrees of freedom -> forward/backward, left/right, up/down, pitch, roll and yaw. All control parts and algorithms are developed by the TARGET team itself.

The video shows the movement of the dummy.

For more detailed informations please contact Igor Doric. (=>

meeting Igor Doric at the “safety week” in Aschaffenburg

robolink remote control with WAGO control unit

I want to share another new feature of the WAGO control solution:

With the WAGO control components it is easily possible to control the robolink® joint arm via Wago’s free app “WEBVISU”, that can be used on Apple and Android devices (mobile phone, iPad and so on). This is shown in the video attached:

NEW control solution by WAGO

At the SPS trade show in Nürnberg/Germany we will present and demonstrate a new control solution. More informations as well as budget prices will be announced in 2-3 weeks. This modular control concept can be used as well with the classic, wire driven joints as with the new robolink D joints


In cooperation with WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co.KG, a Germany-based manufacturer of automation and interconnection products, a solution for controlling the robolink components with regard to industrial requirements is available. The modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is used stand alone for a direct control of the stepper drives using the encoder feedback from the robolink axis. The application engineer may choose between either using the well-known CODESYS programming languages standardized in IEC61131-3 or a free programming in Linux, which is used as operating system on WAGO’s PFC200 controller.

The ready-made libraries and application notes provided by WAGO ensure an easy start-up in CODESYS. Thus a user-specific solution for robolink applications is only a small step away. Due to the possibility of a seamless integration of the IME software any application may be realized with minimum engineering efforts.

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM can be adapted regarding to the individual requirements in a modular thus flexible way. For control of the robolink system a programmable controller PFC200 (Art.-No. 750-8202) and additional for each of the joints a stepper controller (max. 70V / 7,5A; Art.-No. 750-672) and an incremental encoder interface (Art.-No. 750-631/000-010) are mandatory.