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This video from CEMAT fair in GER shows our idea of low cost automation perfectly.

Our customer EPS Gmbh has designed an “automatic book scanner” with a 3 DOF robolink joint arm. Our arm has been designed individually for thi task and it can handle different book sizes. For requests about the product, please contact :

World Champion!

We are world champion again!!! In a very intense, tough, and thrilling game, we were finally successful! The final score after the second half was 0:0! Both teams had a few chances to score. Both teams had the ball already on the opponent’s goal line, we scored just 1 second after (!!!!) the end of the first half!

In the following penalty shootout, we scored with our first three shots, UT Austin Villa failed all three of their shots (one was blocked by our goalie, one touched before the kick, one missed the goal).

Final score 3:0 was for us!

Now we celebrate!World Champion

We Reached the Semifinal and are the Drop-In Competition Winners!

After having won two more round robin games in the morning (7:0 against the RoboCanes from Miami and 8:0 against DAInamite from Berlin), we reached the quarter final as winner of our round robin group. The quarter final was played in the afternoon and we were able to win again. Our game against the UPennalizers ended 10:0! This means that we will play in the semifinal on Sunday. Our opponents will be the team UChile.

In addition, the final scores of the drop-in competition were announced. In both categories – game score and judge score (the human judges award points for the cooperation with the teammates) – we reached the maximum score and thus won this competition!We Reached the Semifinal and are the Drop-In Competition Winners

Second Place in the Outdoor Competition, now Continuing Indoors

After a nice 7:0 win against NTU RoboPal in the outdoor semifinal, we unfortunately lost the final 0:1 against the Nao-Devils Dortmund. Our robots had a really hard time playing on the artificial grass. The Dortmund walk was way more capable of dealing with this ground.

After the final, we entered the second round robin of the indoor competition and already played one game: 9:0 against TJArk!

In parallel to the team competitions, we also participated in the drop-in competition in which each robot has four teammates that have been programmed by different other RoboCup teams. Together with our teammates, we were able to win all six of our drop-in games.Second Place in the Outdoor Competition, now Continuing Indoors