Day 2: Intense Setup

Today was our first full setup day. As the first “Technical Challenges” as well as an “official test match” will take place tomorrow, we have a lot of stuff to test and a bunch of bugs to fix. Recently, our hardware turned out to be a bottleneck, as most of our robots are quite battered after many test kilometers in our lab. Fortunately, the “NAOclinic” opened today and started to repair all teams’ robots. Our first robots will be back in training soon. We hope to perform with full strength in tomorrows competitions.

Day 2 Intense Setup


Day 1: Arrived in Eindhoven!

After 3 hours of driving, the first B-Humanista arrived at about 1pm in Eindhoven. First task, for everyone was to check in at the hotel before coming to the RoboCup area where the last team member arrived at 4pm. We then prepared our robots for the first tests which are to be performed this evening. That is the so called “Open Challenge”, which is a small additional competition each team can participate in voluntarily. Our contribution to this challenge will be a corner shoot which currently does not exist as an official rule. This competition takes place on Wednesday whereas the preliminary rounds for the main competition start on Thursday.

Day 1 Arrived in Eindhoven!

Eindhoven – We are comming

Tommorrow we are starting: We packed our bags for the road trip to Eindhoven – about 340 KM from Bremen. After already having to manage the crises of a short dated broken car, we are now ready and well prepared for the trip. 14 robots, 9 students and 3 supervisors are looking forward to the next 8 days in Eindhoven. We wish all teams a pleasant journey and a successful competition.

robotics bar in Ilmenau (Ger)

Today I would like to show a nice robotic project in Ilmenau. Created by Ben Schäfer from H&S-Robots. His “robots bar” will open next week, THU, 27.06.2013 with a big opening party. Main attraction is his humanoid bar keeper. This is a public bar and you can visit it every day: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 22, 98693 Ilmenau.

This one is running without robolinks (but I admit it looks good!). We are in discussion for a robolink version for the future. More informations on the HS-robots website:

robotics bar in Ilmenau (Ger) robotics bar in Ilmenau (Ger).2

electrical gripper for robolink

on last Hannover show, we have presented our new electrical gripper for robolink arms. It is availaable from stock now!

A preliminous data sheet is in preparation, here are some main charasteristics: 24VDC, 3,6W, 180gr, total length 220 mm, plug&play (connection M8x1, 3 pole). List price 374,00 €/pc. Attached a Video of this gripper.

The gripper “fingers” can be exchanged and individually configured by laser sintering!