test lab

Tensile strength test report of robolinkĀ® wires

Martin Raak | 26. January 2012

robolink® wires were tested for tensile strength on the ZWICK tractor (nominal tensile strength > 3600 N).The nipple connection was fixed with different adhesives (see installation instructions for the wires). The experiments were carried out at room temperature and at 80°C.          Wire with brass nipples  Section of the mounted nipple Test […]


Function test in fine vacuum (TU Munich)

Martin Raak | 18. November 2011

After having successfully passed tests in rough vacuum on 20/10, now there is also a result for the applicability in fine vacuum. Certificate and test result as PDF document. Test in fine vacuum (PDF) 0 0


robolink double articulated arm – speed test

Martin Raak | 23. September 2011

The high speeds of the robolink joint are tested with this testing system. The four degrees of freedom of the double joint are accelerated to an angular velocity of 150°/s. The average speed of the mounted weight (560 g) is thereby 1.05 m/s. 0 0


Results from the test laboratory

Martin Raak | 1. August 2011

This cyclic fatigue test has already run more than 2.9 million cycles and shows no damage whatsoever. Read on 0 0