The chainflex genes
7 basic rules for a good cable

Katharina Esch | 25. May 2020

Every new employee at igusĀ® is given intensive training regarding our different company products. Cable training is one elementary component of this. In the process, we pay lots of attention to the structure of our cables, to the so-called “7 reasons”. For us, this special structure is very important. Therefore, we would like to explain […]


Cores wound in bundles or in layers?

Jan Arnoldy | 7. April 2020

Stranding means wrapping the cores of multi-core cables around a centre element. During cable design, stranding plays a decisive role with respect to movement. There is a fundamental distinction between cores wound in bundles and cores wound in layers. We will examine both of them more closely below. What are cores wound in layers? When […]