Roller chain

Endurance test for the latest P4 generation, P41.80RI roller e-chain on ship unloader crane at EMO B.V.

Jens Göbel | 15. July 2020

The new igus P41.80RI roller chain with integrated iglidur plain bearings has been doing its job on the gigantic ship unloader cranes from EMO B.V. in Rotterdam since the end of 2015. EMO B.V. is one of the largest bulk terminals in Western Europe. With a trolley travel of over 100 m, a travel speed of up to 4 m/sec and an additional load of over 50 kg/m, it is one of the most demanding energy chain applications in the port crane sector.


Roller energy chain as alternative to cable garland/cable trolley system

Theo Diehl | 1. April 2020

The advantages of roller chains over conventional cable garland/cable trolley systems are obvious. Let’s take a closer look at the design features of both solutions – in use in harbour crane systems.


Rol e-chain: development and application scenarios

Theo Diehl | 30. March 2020

Decades ago, igus developed an energy chain with rollers and included it in its product range. With this development, which was groundbreaking at the time, completely new applications could be solved that previously could not be operated with an energy chain.