Is there a poor press fit due to anti-corrosion agent?

Lars Butenschön | 9. September 2021

Bearing damage can often be traced back to an insufficient press fit. In addition to inadequate lubrication or incorrect design, bearing bushings that are insufficiently located in the bearing position are among the most frequent causes of premature failures. There are many reasons for insufficient press fit. But did you know that anti-corrosion agents are […]


Plain bearings for sheet metal – how to avoid errors and damage

Lars Butenschön | 24. April 2020

Normally, plain bearings are intended for installation in relatively thick-walled designs. The plain bearing is pressed into a hole of recommended tolerance, where it remains. Press-fit can be difficult if the components have thin walls. But beyond fixing in place, there are other pitfalls which we will examine more closely here. Then I will give […]


Easy assembly of plain bearings – with these 3 tips

Lars Butenschön | 30. March 2020

There are many ways to install a plain bearing: gluing, press-fit, screwing or clipping on by means of various snap-in functions. By default, most plain bearings are designed to be press-fitted. In theory this sounds very simple. In practice, however, many a stumbling block lurks. Especially plain bearings with thin wall thicknesses or those made […]