igus puppet show on HMI 2013 (with robolink drylin E and pikchain)

Martin Raak | 23. April 2013

the fully automated igus puppet show: 1 pikchain (in front), 6 drylin E slidingtables, 2 robolink 3DOF arms (the salesmen) and 1 camera arm (made by Tobias Abstreiter with 2 robolink joints underneath the camera):


Rotating bearing support

Armin Gellweiler | 6. February 2013

 An important, easily underestimated detail in the design of the pikchain® is the interface between the c-chain® and the slewing ring, or the rotary union. The c-chain® must be secured in such a manner that it does not bend or collapse at the point of directional rotation. igus® has designed a special component to address […]


Low Cost Automations cell!

Armin Gellweiler | 11. May 2012

Well, what does the pikchain® have in common with a low cost automation cell You don’t know the answer? That means that you don’t know our pikchain® good enough, the intelligent conveyor belt from igus. The best way to improve your knowledge about pikchain is to come to Hannover and visit us at the Hannover […]


pikchain®: Driven by passion, part 3

Armin Gellweiler | 20. March 2012

Hello out there,  Today I just want to come back to the following topic: The drive. In one of my last Blogs from 10th of December I wrote you that we have changed the rear sprockets. At this time I could show you only a drawing of the new design. You remember? If not, just […]


Endless space …

Armin Gellweiler | 3. February 2012

If you think now that our pikchain® is taking off with the Enterprise and James T. Kirk, I must disappoint you.I still have something that you might like: It is still in the study phase and the first models have already been implemented, but I’m pretty sure we will soon be able to offer pikchain® […]