Mechanical engineering

Advantages of iglidur® plain bearings in a vehicle interior using the example of backrest adjustment

Jonas Burk | 17. May 2021

The reasons for iglidur® plain bearings in vehicle interiors are manifold. In this blog post, I explain the main advantages based on 5 features. Enjoy reading!


Gleitlager mit Formeln

Surface pressure and compressive strength – simply explained

Lars Butenschön | 10. June 2020

One encounters these specifications not only in the plain bearing sector, but also in other fields of mechanical engineering. From the maximum compressive strength to the maximum recommended surface pressure. They are often tested according to standards in technical papers and documentation and advertised as “extremely high” in marketing trades. Sometimes the surface pressure seems […]


Ready-to-install energy chain systems save harnessing time

Beke Nieszytka | 31. March 2020

Mechanical engineers have to adapt their machines time and time again to a new situation. When is the right time for an adjustment and how to proceed most effectively? Fully harnessed energy chains provide a remedy here.