Labelling technology

xiros guide rollers for labelling technology: quiet, safe & effortless guidance

Patrick Czaja | 20. August 2020

The xiros guide rollers have been in the igus range for a while. They modestly, discreetly and quietly improve various applications in the background. Our rollers are constantly being further developed and improved to ensure that their flexibility is suitable for numerous applications and industries. Our black anodised guide roller for visible parts expands the […]


How the weight of dancer rollers can be reduced at film deflection points

Bastian Mehr | 27. March 2020

Weight is constantly what people are worried about. How can I eliminate unnecessary weight and reduce the drive forces I need? Or, simply, how can I reduce my system’s weight? The undertaking is often not easy and requires compromises or the use of expensive special materials or technologies. But that is not always necessary. Dancer […]