Tested cables
What is it that we do every day in the chainflex laboratory?

Andreas Muckes | 26. June 2020

We have already written a number of articles about our test laboratory. We have also described special customer tests and shown why the laboratory is so important. Today, we will take a closer look at routine cable test operations. What is it that our colleagues do there? Setting up our own or customer-specific experiments Our […]


Are igus energy chains halogen-free?

Kathrin Kretz | 30. March 2020

This week we again received the question whether our e-chains contain chlorine. For someone who is not familiar with the subject, this question seems rather strange. I personally associate chlorine first of all with water purification in swimming pools. Here the connection with plastics is obvious. Therefore, let us go deeper into the subject.


igus open source soccer robot (with University of Bonn), first kicks…

Martin Raak | 9. November 2015

We have been involved in the development of a new open source teen size soccer robot for 2 years now (and theĀ improvement still goes on!). The main development was done by the University of Bonn, institute AIS, Professor Sven Behnke, who also developped our open source robolink software IME (igus motion editor), igus contrubuted the […]