High-performance polymers

The patented igus dryspin® lead screw technology for the automotive industry – fast and lubrication-free operation

Marco Thull | 17. April 2020

The degree of automation in the exterior and interior of the car and the associated quality requirements are constantly growing. At the same time, actuators are becoming ever smaller and the driven components must be designed more efficiently. To drive moving parts or assemblies efficiently and without additional lubrication, more and more customers in the […]


Automotive goes digital – meet us online

Steffen Schack | 9. April 2020

“Together is the important word”, is the slogan of Frank Blase, Managing Director of igus GmbH, in the following video on the subject of digital consulting: We would like to work out the perfect solution for your automotive application together with you, even if we cannot visit you on site at the moment. Meet […]


Cost-effective plain bearings in electric coolant pumps and regulators

Sebastian Bloechl | 9. April 2020

The demand for electric water pumps is huge. In addition to the cooling of motors and drives, air conditioning is also one of its tasks. The advantages of electric coolant pumps compared to conventional mechanical water pumps are their independence from the combustion engine. In this way, the electric pumps can be switched on and […]


Coolant and plain bearings – five decisive points

Sebastian Bloechl | 7. April 2020

Maximum vehicle efficiency requires harmonised thermal management. Optimum operating temperature ensures efficiency and thus the lowest consumption and associated emissions. Coolant plays an important role – it cools, provides corrosion protection and prevents frost. Coolant pumps, regulators and valves distribute coolant throughout the vehicle, sending it where it is needed. Find out more here.  In […]


Why is thermal management becoming more and more significant for the automobile industry?

Sebastian Bloechl | 2. April 2020

Cosy heating in the winter and an air-conditioned living room in the summer – in addition to such everyday concerns, thermal management plays a decisive role in the automotive industry. In that industry, for instance, it is the engine that meets various scenarios. At first, it needs a temperature rise that is as quick as […]