Fire protection

Fire protection in the aircraft – what is behind FAR 25.853?

Florian Schiller | 3. March 2021

A fire on board an aircraft is one of the most serious events that can happen when flying. Fire and smoke can spread rapidly in a cramped cabin and cause harm to passengers. Since the safety of the guests is paramount when flying, one wants to avoid fires at all costs. That is why all […]


The right plain bearings for air diffusers & sleepless nights in Shanghai

Lars Butenschön | 19. June 2020

Dry topics are best conveyed with less dry stories. Recently, a colleague from international sales told me about his visit to our branch in China. According to his narrative, the first night in the hotel was not only marked by jet lag but also particularly by an annoying squeaking. Quiet, but just loud enough to […]


Wear-resistant products with EN 45545 conformity

Thorsten Mersch | 17. September 2019

There are a large number of standards in the railway industry. How much force is required to open a door by hand in an emergency? How should the welding seams look? The number of standards and regulations is seemingly endless. Another very important point is fire protection in rail vehicles. The EN 45545 standard means […]