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Chapter 2 Electrostatic discharge prevention: ESD protection for the workplace

Maria Burkanova | 5. June 2020

Anyone working with sensitive electronics such as computer chips or sensitive laboratory equipment must take measures to avoid electrostatic discharges. Floor coverings made of synthetic fibres and other objects in the workplace that are made of synthetic materials are a frequent cause of electrostatic discharge due to friction. The lower the humidity in the room, […]


Preventing electrostatic discharge Chapter 1: ESD clothing

Maria Burkanova | 18. May 2020

Our bodies are very good electrical conductors. Electrostatic charging is almost unavoidable. Electrostatic charging occurs if you rub two materials together and then separate them, for example. Simply walking around can be enough to cause an electrostatic charge of several thousand volts. The invisible hazard – as described by experts. “ESD protection” is therefore very […]


iglidur I8-ESD: abrasion-resistant components with ESD specifications

Paul Gomer | 5. May 2020

Every machine contains moving parts that cause friction during operation. In contrast to metal, components made of wear-resistant iglidur polymers do not require additional lubrication (because they contain solid lubricants) – however polymers cannot dissipate the electrostatic discharge caused by friction. In semiconductor and electrical engineering, a static discharge through components can cause permanent damage […]