Data Sheet

robolink® precision / repeatability

Martin Raak | 16. April 2018

In his Bachelor Thesis, Markus Behrens did several measurements about repeatabilty and absolute precision of one igus Standard Joint arm (5 DOF, big Version): RL-D-RBT-5532S-BC-AE.


Output encoder vs. motor encoder plus INI

Martin Raak | 14. February 2018

Our customers can choose between motor encoders / Ini switches and igus output encoders (both incremental angle sensors). Motor encoder / INI (RL-D-RBT-xxxxx-BC): +) proven industrial standard, double ended signal transmission (A/A-, B/B-), high resolution (500 signals / motorturn * transmission of the joint) -) 3 cables per axis (motor, encoder, INI), reverse play of the […]


Data sheets for robolink standard arms (RL-D-RBT-xxxxx-BC-(AE)

Martin Raak | 6. February 2018

igus® supplies “electromechanical joint arms“. They consist of: robolink® joints with worm gears (RL-D) and strain wave gears (RL-S), igus stepper motors NEMA11, -17, -23 and -23XL, Ini-switches for the Zero-Point definition (BC version) or Output encoders (BC-AE version), connection parts between these joints (folded metal sheets RL-DC) a set of igus cables (5m long) […]


Output Encoder for RL-D / RL-S

Martin Raak | 29. June 2017

We supply 2 options of encoders for our joints / joint arms. Option 1 (our Standard before HMI 2017): Motorencoder plus Ini switch for 0-point reference on the joint output (PRT bearing) Option 2): Output encoder on the PRT bearing of the joint. This is our own development, we use a magnetic ring plus Encoderchip […]


RL-S strain wave gears now available

Martin Raak | 4. May 2017

At the HMI trade show we released our strain wave gear (RL-S) as a product in addition to our worm gears (RL-D). The smallest version of the strain wave gear (RL-S-17-N11-00-28-020K0) is used for the fifth axis in the standard joint arms RL-D-RBT-5532S-XX and RL-D-RBT-3322S-XX. The RL-S-17 gear comes in two variations, both have a […]