Technical specification for 31 articulated arm options

Martin Raak | 7. August 2012

There are 4 kinds of joints offered by igus® which can be combined to form articulated arms. A pure pivot joint and a pure rotary joint (1 DOF), as well as the original multiple-axis joint for rotating and pivoting (2 DOF) – available in symmetrical (+/-90°) and asymmetrical (+130°/-50°) versions. The combination produces altogether 31 […]


Components for the wire feedthrough in a robolink joint

Martin Raak | 4. July 2012

How are the wires fed through in a lower joint? This feedthrough is important to make the movements of the joints independent of each other. For this purpose a Bowden cable system is used, in which 4 draw wires are routed in parallel (Picture 1). The components are shown here to guarantee this feedthrough. A […]