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Lubrication-free synchronisation with plain bearing technology

Bastian Mehr | 16. April 2020

…important role, especially if the application is in the beverage or food industry. Here, cleaning is often done wet and with chemicals, which can cause problems for metallic solutions.



Ball bearings in the textile industry – why plastic beats metal

Patrick Czaja | 10. December 2020

…role in the textile industry:

Ball bearings in the textile industry – polymer has the edge

Especially in the textile industry, the absence of lubricants and the insensitivity of the


Why plastic sliding rollers? Part 2

Bastian Mehr | 9. April 2020

What can be done with a plastic sliding roller?

Here we must clearly compare the cost-benefit factor. Basically, a solid plastic roller is a cost-effective component: of course, depending


Why plastic link rollers? Part 1

Bastian Mehr | 3. April 2020

The ravages of time have taken their toll, and you have decided to refine or optimise the application. Or you need to cut costs and save resources. The application


Spherical bearings for weigher flaps

Jan Michels | 28. April 2020

igubal spherical bearings are self-aligning bearing elements manufactured completely from polymer and are therefore very lightweight. They are perfect for use in weighing systems.

Individual scales, but also multihead