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3D printing: low-wear plastic components for the automotive industry

Sebastian Bloechl | 10. September 2019

…applications, such as turbochargers. That is our aspiration.

Printed parts tested in the industry’s largest test lab

Quality standards and requirements of the automotive industry are high. The components are…


The right plain bearings for cleaning at high temperatures

Jan Michels | 27. March 2020

Many different machines are used in the packaging, food, and beverage industries. There is one thing that most of the different machine types have in common though: they are


Linear guides for limited installation space

Andreas Muckes | 22. April 2020

igus has many different linear guides in its product range. For example, drylin W offers a large modular system. drylin N is the first choice for extremely low-profile installation


Which jacket material for which industry?

Jan Arnoldy | 1. October 2020

…application or industry?

I am frequently asked this question and therefore in this article I would like to show some common industry solutions as examples for the outer jacket qualities…


Plain bearing prototypes for new developments or tests

Jan Michels | 30. April 2020

When a new product is being developed or shortly before a food, packaging, or beverage machine test phase, receiving prototype samples of a plain bearing or other components as