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Machines and plant for plastics processing. An industry overview.

Christian Schäfer | 9. April 2020

…and smart plastics , igus also addresses the key topic Plastic Industry 4.0 and system integration. See for yourself: igus solutions for the plastics and rubber industry


Polymer bearings for the dairy industry

Jan Michels | 31. March 2020

…milk bags or coffee cream.

Plain bearings made of FDA/EU-compliant materials such as iglidur A160, A181 or A350 are interesting for the dairy industry. But beyond that, the “3A Sanitary…


With which shafts do polymer plain bearings work best?

Jan Michels | 15. April 2020

…with stainless steel shafts typically used in the industry.

iglidur A160

The best combination can also be easily determined online:

In general, we recommend that the surface roughness…


Ready-to-install system solutions for format adjustments

Jan Michels | 24. April 2020

…customer manufactures itself. Ready-to-install complete systems from a single source. Very high system rigidity. Lubrication-free and maintenance-free.

More information about format adjustments (not only for the beverage industry) can be