igus® Blog Relaunch

Armin Gellweiler | 5. December 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe you were upset about the availability of our blog in past few months. Thanks to the renewal of our web server and the optimization of our applications this should not happen again. The new blog offers among other things, a better usability on mobile devices and more networking with the […]


Rotating bearing support

Armin Gellweiler | 6. February 2013

 An important, easily underestimated detail in the design of the pikchain® is the interface between the c-chain® and the slewing ring, or the rotary union. The c-chain® must be secured in such a manner that it does not bend or collapse at the point of directional rotation. igus® has designed a special component to address […]


Would you like more …?

Martin Raak | 5. October 2012

… to want more, achieve more, get better. That’s the drive of progress.We will face the challenge and help you to reach your goal more quickly. So far we were able to offer you the following components for your complete pikchain®: pikchain® c-chain® Guide rails Optionally also: Guide wheels Cables and hoses Rotary feedthrough or […]


The pikchain is a conveyor! … but what kind of conveyor!

Armin Gellweiler | 21. August 2012

pikchain®: What exactly is it? Those at igus® keep telling about intelligence, back and forth, saving time and costs, energy efficiency, no empty run … What’s behind all this? Good question, so let’s start again from the beginning:The pikchain® is a novel, modular conveyor. This conveyor consists of individual, linked chain links made of plastic. […]


The other day at the restaurant … or how to use your energy better!

hjansen | 6. August 2012

Does this sound familiar? You are sitting in a moderately occupied restaurant. There is one waiter. You would like to order and try to get eye contact with him. But he doesn’t look at you. You watch as he takes the orders from other customers, runs to the kitchen, returns, serves drinks, goes back to […]