pikchain®: Driven by passion. Really?

Armin Gellweiler | 1. November 2011

No, let’s keep technical, not lyrical.

igus® doesn’t produce machines. We produce components which help you to build your pikchain®.

The drive is not part of our delivery program for the pikchain®. The choice of the drive is yours. The drive may consist of a motor, gearbox, toothed belt, transmission chain etc.

Question: What kind of drive is the best for me. Of course, we can’t answer this question. It depends on…!

Perhaps you have already seen our show pikchain® during a trade show here in Europe. This machine is equipped with a double side toothed belt drive. We selected this drive for the following reasons:

This drive is relatively space saving, and for the most part inside the pikchain®.

The transmission of the drive force happens via the belt, which engages on many places in same time. So very smooth starting of the chain is possible.

This type of drive is uncomplicated and reasonable in price

Another solution for the drive is a direct drive at one end. But, due to the pikchain® design two separate drive pulleys and so two separate shafts are necessary which must be connected on each side. In general, a little bit more complicated.

Advantage for this system: Especially for long pikchains® this drive should be less expensive than a long belt with guides and due to the toothed pulley, higher torques and accelerations are possible.

Anyway, the choice is yours, but we can help you.

[forcecaption]1) Belt drive<br>2) Toothed belt

[forcecaption]1) Direct Drive<br> 

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