Trade fair novelty Motek 2011: 5-axis robot arm with drive unit NEMA23

Martin Raak | 21. October 2011

At the Motek’11 in Stuttgart, a rotary joint was presented, which extends the operating range of the existing double-jointed arm. The new rotary joint can turn +/-90° and is intended as first axis in an articulated arm.
The arm is equipped with a single-piece pneumatic gripper made of PA2200 as a prototype. The entire moving 6-axis arm weighs significantly less than 1 kilo, and can handle about 0.5 kg.
Recommended price of 5-axis arm (without grippers, sensors) = € 1,700
Price for a complete drive unit based on step motor (NEMA23) with 5-axis articulated arm: € 5,934


5-axis robot arm with drive unit

In addition, other impressions from our fair stand with the following systems:

  • Underwater application with camera and compressed air (“Sewer inspection”)
  • Articulated arm with coolant hose and hand control (“Assistance in a harsh environment”)
  • 5 waving arms with moving robot hands (“Animatronics”)
  • 6-axis system with gripper

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