At igus, industry 4.0 is combined with manual wear monitoring on linear carriages

Ina Hartmann | 17. April 2020

Is Industry 4.0 always digital? – This is the question you ask yourself when you take a closer look at the new drylin® W-isense linear carriage with LED display. Although igus isense technology in our liner allows connection to an online system for predictive maintenance, we were looking for a solution to make this possible without the expensive integration of a 4.0 system in the company.

What can the LED carriage do better than other industry 4.0 solutions in the field of linear technology?

“Above all the integration”, says Michael Hornung, Product Manager and employee responsible for the linear and drive technology division at igus and adds: “but not only that, the isense liners installed in the carriage is the real highlight. We have made the step to the LED carriage for all companies who do not have time for a long integration process of the machines in their own system. We are aware of the difficulties involved. This starts with data protection and ends with maintenance. Therefore, we wanted to offer the safest and easiest way possible for predictive maintenance without having to go online. The liner has a contact on the inside. If this is interrupted by the sliding movement, the red LED lights up when the button on the carriage is pressed. If the contact is intact, it lights green. When the contact is reached, the customer has some more time before the liner is completely used up. He can decide on a suitable time and determine when the maintenance should take place.”

Advantages of the igus LED linear carriage:

  • Fast offline check at your finger tips
  • Easy handling and visualisation by LED
  • For drylin® W profile guides and linear modules
  • Available in 2 installation sizes: 10 and 16
  • Set of spare bearing liners available from stock
  • Bearing replacement with practical mounting tool

The LED linear carriage is available immediately and can be requested by e-mail or by filling out this form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you just want to know more about the isense LED carriage, please visit our homepage for more information.

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