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Stage of development of sensor technology

Martin Raak | 7. May 2011

…yellow Encoder Channel B green Encoder Index white Hall Sensor (zero position)

The used hall sensor made by Honeywell is a solid state sensor with the type designation SS443A, the


Sensor adjustment with plain bearing technology: easy and reproducible

Bastian Mehr | 8. April 2020

…Suitable CAD data is available online.

What must we watch out for?

There are also a few details that must be taken into account with a plain bearing…


Angular sensor

Martin Raak | 1. June 2010

…transformed into movements (see film). Currently the sensor technology is advanced for series production.

Development partner EvoLogics GmbH is a specialist for bionic inventions (the Fin Ray Effect®, among others)….


Single Pair Ethernet – a flash in the pan or a revolution?

Andreas Muckes | 11. May 2020

…this safety and integrate the technology into new applications. It is expected that the first devices with the technology will be available on the market by the end of the…


What are initiator cables and where are they used?

Beke Nieszytka | 16. September 2019

…cable in advance.

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Advantages of CF.INI…