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What does predictive maintenance mean for plain bearings?

Lars Butenschön | 15. April 2020

…next step: condition monitoring leads to “predictivemaintenance

The next technical coinage.The term predictive maintenance is used, as such, in German as well. For the equivalent term in German does


What is predictive maintenance?

igu-blog-adm | 7. July 2019

…working hours of the mechanic or technician is not used meaningfully.

Predictive maintenance of cables with display of service life

The predictive maintenance means that the ideal time for…


There are two modules for predictive maintenance, which one do I take?

igu-blog-adm | 5. July 2019

Whether you use the icom or the icom. plus in your plant monitoring depends on how much of the acquired sensor data you want to incorporate in your infrastructure.


Maintenance of plain bearings … Is maintenance-free the same as dry operation?

Uwe Sund | 16. April 2020

Maintenance is a central point when operating machines.

On the one hand, this ensures operational safety. On the other hand, maintenance is associated with expenditure.

This expenditure is divided up…


Intelligent machine tools and linear robots prevent expensive downtime

Lukas Czaja | 1. April 2020

…exact day that will happen?

Smart plastics for predictive maintenance Smart plastics announce their condition

Industry 4.0 has many goals. igus already has many corresponding solutions. Intelligent sensors detect condition…