Tensile strength test report of robolink® wires

robolink® wires were tested for tensile strength on the ZWICK tractor (nominal tensile strength > 3600 N).
The nipple connection was fixed with different adhesives (see installation instructions for the wires). The experiments were carried out at room temperature and at 80°C.





 Wire with brass nipples  Section of the mounted nipple

Test results:  

Wire fixed with: Breaking strength at RT Breaking strength at 80°C
1) Loctite 401 > 1.400 N >   800 N
2) Loctite 406 with primer > 1.300 N >   700 N
3) Loctite 4204 > 1.900 N > 1.400 N
4) Loctite 4204 with primer > 1.400 N > 1.000 N


igus® recommends the use of Loctite 4204 for installation of the wire nipple, especially because the use of wires/joints results in increased temperatures.