igus open source soccer robot (with University of Bonn), first kicks…

We have been involved in the development of a new open source teen size soccer robot for 2 years now (and the improvement still goes on!). The main development was done by the University of Bonn, institute AIS, Professor Sven Behnke, who also developped our open source robolink software IME (igus motion editor), igus contrubuted the design and technology of the outer shell parts (made by 3D printing / SLS). In the next stage we will improve the cabeling inside the robot with our chainflex know-how for often bending cables.

This youtube video shows the current state of the software development (thanks to Philipp Allgeuer for sharing it).

The open source project is documented by Prof. Behnke here with open source data: http://www.nimbro.net/OP

And the 3D Step data of the robot shell (3D printed parts) are shared here by igus: https://github.com/igusGmbH/HumanoidOpenPlatform

igus open source soccer robot (with University of Bonn), first kicks...

Vice World Champion and more

After an exciting 2:1 win in the semifinal against the Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig, we had to play the final against the current world champion UNSW Australia from Sidney. It was a really high-class game in which UNSW was the slightly better team and eventually won 3:1.

In addition to the main competition, we participated in the technical challenges (corner kick, walking on artificial grass, playing with more realistic balls) und became first in the overall challenge ranking. In addition, we became second in the drop-in competition (playing in mixed teams). Overall, we are the team that won the most trophies 🙂

Now, we can relax a bit but we are already making first plans for the Dutch Open 2016 in Eindhoven and the RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig!


After a really successful group stage, in which we became 1st in our group with four wins and a total score of 31:0, the quarterfinal against team Cerberus from Istanbul as well as – hopefully – the semifinal will be played on Tuesday.

Preliminary Round

We are currently playing games in the preliminary round. We won our first two games against the HULKs (TU Hamburg Harburg) and the UPennalizers (University of Pennsylvania) both by 8:0. However, there are still many things that need to be improved. On Monday, we will play two more games against TJArk (Tongji University, China) und NTU RoboPAL (National Taiwan University) and will hopefully reach the quarter finals.

RoboCup 2015 has begun

This year, the team B-Human, supported by igus, will participate again in the robot football world championship. RoboCup 2015 starts today, July 19th, and takes place in Hefei, China. After a long journey from Germany, the last two days have been used to set up the team and to play some subcompetitions. Today, the real games will start. We will play against the HULKs (TU Hamburg Harburg) and the UPennalizers (University of Pennsylvania).