robolink as camera crane

Our customer “Kuno Seebaß Medienproduktion” in Germany was one of our earlier beta testers. He built this nice camera crane with our joints. His aim is to optimize it now with more igus components. I like the video because it shows nicely our possibilities with robolink in these applications.

Please visit also Kuno Seebaß’ website:

If you like the music, you can find it here (Mr. Seebaß is now focussing more on his musical carreer):

First self-programmed pick & place applications with our new software

At the MOTEK 2012 in Stuttgart, we are presenting a new robolink software with which the customer can program simple applications with our robolink articulated arms (see picture: screenshot of the programming interface):


 The program was developed by Professor Behnke of the Institute of Computer Science, University of Bonn. His team is the current world champion in robocup “teen size league” as well as in “robocup at home.” The interface is inspired by the programming interface of the soccer robot and is very intuitive to use. I myself had no definite idea about programming but was able to program this process within a few minutes with the software (see film). Alright, the film is not madly spectacular, but for us it is a big step in making the robolink joint kit for simple applications easy to use. The following are required as control components (not supplied by igus®): stepper motor controls of NANOTEC SMCI47-S2 (one per motor or per degree of freedom) and a simple little control board as master controller (CRUMB 2560 costs about € 45,00). We’ll be presenting more details on the software at Motek in Stuttgart.


Position accuracy in the Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF

The Alexa Project of Fraunhofer Institute IFF in Magdeburg has now been officially completed. In the film, there is a final documentation of the articulated arm’s positioning accuracy with the control intelligence developed by the institute. The second part of the film (from around 1:50 min.) shows the system achieving a positioning accuracy of +/-1 mm (drill hole diameter of the sleeves = 2 mm, outer diameter of the needle = 1 mm).

robolink service updated in the WWW

For the Hannover Messe in April we brought out a new catalog. Finally, the service has been updated accordingly in the Internet. In the SHOP you will find all individual joints and systems with prices for easy online ordering. At SUPPORT&SERVICE there is the updated data sheet and the current pdf catalog. Besides, online from today: all 3D STEP data for all articulated arm options. Select and load comfortably with the help of pictures. =>STEP DATA. Have fun with it! We also look forward to your queries …

CONFIGURATOR: This tool is not yet up to date. We are working on updating all options here as well and making them calculable. We will gladly and promptly process any questions in this regard.