Please allow us to vacuum your questions out of your mind

Yes, let’s talk about air, pressure, vacuum and I would like to go back to my previous article: “Vacuum on, vacuum off”.

Again and again I hear the question: I have a pikchain® with for instance 30 suction cups. So, I need also 30 air hoses, right!? But how do I get the 30 hoses in my e-chain® and also in my pikchain®. There is no space for 30 hoses! What can I do?

Basically there are two ways to produce vacuum: Either you produce the vacuum via air pressure and venturi valve or via a vacuum pump which is located outside of the pikchain®

For both cases you may have the question: 30 suction cups = 30 air hoses? The answer is NO!!

You can manage both systems with one single vacuum hose. For that, you need a bus system, an energy supply (cable) (12 to 24 Volt), a couple of slaves and control air valves and/or venturi valves. For detail information, how to install this system and how to run it please call or e-mail me. We love to consult you.

Anyway, you only need one hose together with an intelligent (Bus System) control system. Of course, due to the required vacuum the hoses can be very thick. But even for this problem we have solutions ready for you.

Think about it. The answer is not blowing in the wind!

[forcecaption]pikchain® with many cables/hoses

[forcecaption]pikchain® with 3 cables/hoses