3rd Place, Best Player Award, and Technical Challenge Winner

Unfortunately, we did not defend our world champion title this year. In the semifinal, we lost against the later world champion rUNSWift that player really strong. Afterwards, we won the match for the third place against UChile, who we already played in the preliminary round.

Nevertheless, this tournament can be considered as very successful for us. We have won the technical challenges as well as the new Drop-In Competition, which makes our robot the “Best Player”!

Reached the Quarter Final

On Tuesday, we won our last two round robin matches, too. We played 8:0 against the RoboCanes from Miami and 6:0 against Berlin United. Thus, we reached the quarter final without losing any point or receiving any goal. We will play on Wednesday noon against the winner of NTU RoboPAL – TJArk.

Our robot showed an extraordinary performance in one of the drop-in games and lead his mixed team to a 6:0 win over their opponents. Tuesday evening, we even had one more technical challenge. This time, robots had to recognize previously defined sound signals as well as the sound of a whistle. Our robots listened very well and achieved an almost perfect score. However, three other teams have been slightly better and correctly detected everything.

RoboCup – Matchday 1

On Monday, after two stressful setup days, the RoboCup has finally begun. We won our two round robin matches against Philosopher from Estonia and the team UChile. The match against Philosopher was, as always at the beginning of a tournament, quite shaky (in the true sense of the word) and full of bugs. Anyway, we were able to win with 4:0. Against UChile, we already played much more stable and achieved a nice 7:0.

In addition to the major football competition, there are multiple additional competitions. First of all, the “Drop-In Competition”, in which robots form mixed teams together with robots from other teams. We already played three of these matches and achieved two wins and one draw. On Monday evening, we also won the “Any Place Challenge”. In this technical challenge, a goal and a ball have been set up at a place that was not known in advance and that is completely different from a football field. Each team’s robot – which was not allowed to become updated or reconfigured once it had arrived at the place – had to score as many goals as possible within three minutes.

We scored three goals, more than any other Team!

B-Human @ RoboCup 2014 in Brazil

After the world cup is before the world cup! Shortly after the end of the FIFA World Cup, our team – and many others from all over the world – has traveled to Brazil. João Pessoa, America’s easternmost city, hosts this year’s RoboCup, which will begin on Monday. Of course, B-Human aims to defend its world champion title in Standard Platform League. All team members – humans as well as robots – are already here and set up the robots since Saturday.

B-Human remains German champion

B-Human won against RoboÉireann 10:0 and proceeded to the final against NaoTeam HTWK from Leipzig. The final game was the most exciting game at the tournament for B-Human and the crowd was also thrilled about this game. The score of the final was 4:1 for B-Human and with this victory the team won its 6th German Open title. In the DropIn-Competition B-Human got the second place and as a big surprise B-Human got a price for its  Open Source activity.

B-Human remains German champion