“do-it-yourself” at SPS show in Nürnberg (24.-26.11.15)

We will present our idea of robolink D as a joint kit for the design of individual robot arms with a new demo unit at the SPS show in Nürnberg.

The unit consists of 1 rotating table (d=1,2m), moved by 1 RL-D-50-102 and 2 robolink arms with 4 DOF each (one arm holds a rotating polishing wheel instead of a joint). The connections are made by folded metal sheets.

igus offers joints and motors plus accessories for our customers to design their individual robotic solution. We do not offer complete solutions or arms (like the ones on the unit), 3D Step data of the current metal sheet solution are provided for free on request.

The stepper motors in our arms are driven by Nanotec stepper motor controllers (SMCI47-S2) and an Arduino main board. Control parts are not part of our scope of delivery!

The current concept is explained in this Picture:

do-it-yourself at SPS show in Nürnberg (24.-26.11.15)

igus open source soccer robot (with University of Bonn), first kicks…

We have been involved in the development of a new open source teen size soccer robot for 2 years now (and the improvement still goes on!). The main development was done by the University of Bonn, institute AIS, Professor Sven Behnke, who also developped our open source robolink software IME (igus motion editor), igus contrubuted the design and technology of the outer shell parts (made by 3D printing / SLS). In the next stage we will improve the cabeling inside the robot with our chainflex know-how for often bending cables.

This youtube video shows the current state of the software development (thanks to Philipp Allgeuer for sharing it).

The open source project is documented by Prof. Behnke here with open source data: http://www.nimbro.net/OP

And the 3D Step data of the robot shell (3D printed parts) are shared here by igus: https://github.com/igusGmbH/HumanoidOpenPlatform

igus open source soccer robot (with University of Bonn), first kicks...

STEP data for robolink D

since October 2015, the standard version of RL-D-50 (-101 and -102) is also available from stock. The missing PRT-02-50 version was the reason for the delay. Please find attached here the STEP data for our joints for all variants and sizes, as well as for a collection of motor kits (with igus stepper motors).

These STEP data will soon be available via our main igus download center too! It is only a question of a few more days……

robolink at MOTEK, 4 DOF, new documents

At this year’s MOTEK show in Stuttgart (GER) we will show the possibility to build 4 DOF robot arms with our motorized joints. 2 films at the end of this entry show 2 possible concepts:

1) “small” version with 4 joints size 30 – 30 -20 – 20, built with igus DC motors. No programming possible, just a joystick control.

2) “big” version with 4 joints size 50 – 50 – 30 – 20, built with igus stepper motors and a robolink gripper.

Please be aware that both arms are no sales products. They are examples of how a joint arm could look like. The connection parts are made of folded metal sheet parts. Please contact me for further questions in this issue (mraak@igus.de).

Also attached our new catalogue (this version in GER with more RL-D infos and german list prices). Eng. version will follow soon.

LINK:  de_robolink_08-2015 (3.80 mb)

And additionally 2 updated versions of tech. data sheets for symmetrical joints (version 101 with 2 PRT) and asymmetrical joints (version 102 with 1 PRT)

LINK: tech-data-rl-d-101_d-eng_15_11 (171.03 kb)

LINK: tech-data-rl-d-102-_d-eng_16_01 (162.11 kb)



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