Videos with 6 DOF demo units (HMI trade show 2016)

The 2 videos show robolink® prototype units with 6 DOF each, using our standard RL-D joints as well as our new RL-S joints (strain wave gears). These units are NOT yet a product. I will explain more about the ideas and technology in later entries.

3x RL-D (axis 1-3) and 3x RL-S (axis 4-6)

4x RL-D (axis 1-3 and 5), 1x RL-S (axis 6) and 1x special solution (axis 4)

robolink® NEWS at HMI 2016, strain wave gears

At Hannover trade show next week (HMI 2016) we will present several new components and and possible options for our robolink® building block kit.

Main new product is our new strain wave gear RL-S. We will present 2 sizes (RL-S-17 and RL-S-20) as prototypes. With these gears we show 2 prototypes of possible 6 axis robot arms. The new RL-S gears are mainly used as 4th and 6th axis in the robots.

Here you can find the robolink® NEWS in our HMI flyer:

Download news flyer:  de_en_hmi_2016_robolink_web (3.64 mb)

The video shows the idea and the working of the new strain wave gear coupled with our igus® stepper motors NEMA17 or NEMA23:

B-Human is European Champion!

The final day at the RoboCup European Open was a great day for us:

In the morning, we played the semifinal against Berlin United – Nao Team Humboldt. The result was a clear 10:0 for us.

In the final, like many times before, we had to play against Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig. In the course of the game, the Leipzig robots skillfully dribbled the ball deep into our half many times. But in all cases, our strong defense was able to clear the ball. Through precise long distance shots and fast counterattacks, we were able to score goal by goal und finally won 5:0!

We are very happy and exhausted but already look forward to the next RoboCup highlight: The world championship in Leipzig!

B-Human is European Champion!

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