igus® Bowden cable

A Bowden cable is a moving machine element to transmit a mechanical movement or a pulling force through a combination of a wire and a casing sturdy in the running direction (“draw wire” according to DIN 71986).
The Bowden cable was named after its inventor Ernest Monnington Bowden (1860-1904).

An optimized friction pair between the drive wire and the outer slide segments is achieved by appropriate materials. A support or guiding element is not necessary, because the system is self-centered in the draw wires by tensile forces. All materials, outer slide segments and wires are made ​​of plastic. The individual outer slide segments are made of PA2200 plastic. All the individual parts are similar, they are assembled in the pre-assembly by simple clipping. The components of the outer slide have a spherical bearing face for:

Centering of the segments among each other

Transfer of pressure forces in the Bowden

3-dimensional movement potential of the segments

The draw wire is a Dyneema rope with a nominal tensile strength of 3800N.



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