Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK:

Company Faude GmbH from Gärtringen has equipped a robolink articulated arm as manual assistant for the data analysis. This allows customers to leave contours and read out robot coordinates and speeds. This is then used in the next step for the dosing of media (e.g. glue) in semi-automated workstations. Faude GmbH offers this arm as a complete system with the specially developed software. For more details go directly to

Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK.2





igus® motion editor (robolink freeware)

Starting today, we are offering the download of the IME software for free. Either here using the link in the blog or (latest from tomorrow) at our support & service page. Have fun with it, for any questions we are at your disposal. The demo system with software can be viewed and tested at Motek in Stuttgart (week 41) and the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen (week 42). The circuitry of the necessary components is as follows:

igus® motion editor (robolink freeware)


First self-programmed pick & place applications with our new software

At the MOTEK 2012 in Stuttgart, we are presenting a new robolink software with which the customer can program simple applications with our robolink articulated arms (see picture: screenshot of the programming interface):


 The program was developed by Professor Behnke of the Institute of Computer Science, University of Bonn. His team is the current world champion in robocup “teen size league” as well as in “robocup at home.” The interface is inspired by the programming interface of the soccer robot and is very intuitive to use. I myself had no definite idea about programming but was able to program this process within a few minutes with the software (see film). Alright, the film is not madly spectacular, but for us it is a big step in making the robolink joint kit for simple applications easy to use. The following are required as control components (not supplied by igus®): stepper motor controls of NANOTEC SMCI47-S2 (one per motor or per degree of freedom) and a simple little control board as master controller (CRUMB 2560 costs about € 45,00). We’ll be presenting more details on the software at Motek in Stuttgart.


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