And it should last for ever!

The lifetime: Anything that rubs and slides is subject to wear and so limited lifetime. The pikchain®, too, doesn’t last for ever! The pikchain®-link slides within the guiding rails, the wear of the sliding runners depends on three main parameters:
Velocity, weight or pressure and the material of the friction partner.

igus® can’t determine the speed of your application or the pressure placed upon it, but we can choose the material of the friction partner. On one hand we have the hard ionized aluminium sliding rails and on the other hand we have the specialised plastic for plain bearings. Based on more than 40 years of experience and thousands of tests in our laboratory we are able to determine the best plastic for you application. The sliding components are a spare part and can be replaced quickly and easily in case of too much wear. This saves costs and time.

igus® becomes machine builder?! No!!

Of course not!! igus® continues manufacturing components to improve the performance, the lifetime and lower the costs of your machines. The pikchain® consists of components to build your individual intelligent conveyor chain, the components are: the conveyor chain, the energychain, the sliderails, chainflex® and as option the slip ring. Of course we also share cour technical experience with you to support your project. The components are important:

Conveyor chain: The conveyor chain has a modular structure. Different combinations of different parts are possible. The conveyor chain is based on the same kit idea as the energy chains.

The energy chain: We can choose from a huge product range of chains, cables, hoses and sliderails; also one of our standard products from the bearing department. This saves delivery time and costs.

A simple conveyor chain becomes intelligent


Most of the inventions that changed our world came by chance. The combination of two standard products and an additional idea was the ignition point that created the pikchain®.

The name pikchain® is based on “pick and place” Of course there are already machines like portal robots which are used for pick and place applications, but they have one thing in common: because of the back and forth motion the robot always has one empty run! The pikchain® has a continuous movement with no empty runs. This saves time and money.

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