robolink® NEWS for MOTEK show

At the MOTEK show in Stuttgart (GER), we will present the following MAIN news for robolink:

Our current 4 DOF joint kit system will be enlarged by a fifth axis (“hand rotation”). This will be achieved with our NEW strain wave gear box RL-S-17 in combination with an igus NEMA11 stepper motor. From next week on we will be able to offer and suplly 5 DOF joint arms with our lightweight, lubrication free joint system. Please find attached our latest NEWS brochure (as pdf) with latest news on page 8, 14-15 and 22-23.

DOWNLOAD MOTEK NEWS brochure (pdf): de-en_moteknews_robolink_041016 (3.90 mb)

Also attached 3D STEP data for our small and big version 5 DOF joint arms as well as drawings with part lists.

The picture shows our 5th axis that can directly be mounted to our RL-D-20-101 joint (usually used as 4th axis in our arms). Datasheet for this unit attached as PDF.


DOWNLOAD datasheet 5th axis: eu_datenblatt_robolink_rl-sc-17_v4 (744.84 kb)

DOWNLOAD drawing 5 DOF arm “small”: rl-d-rbt-3322s-ac-rl-10465 (237.71 kb)

DOWNLOAD drawing 5 DOF arm “big”: rl-d-rbt-5532s-ac-rl-10466 (241.10 kb)

DOWNLOAD STEP data 5 DOF arm “small”: rl-d-rbt-3322-ac-5dof (1.03 mb)

DOWNLOAD STEP data 5 DOF arm “big”: rl-d-rbt-5532-ac-5dof (1.32 mb)

The 5 DOF arm looks like that:


igus® Blog Relaunch

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

maybe you were upset about the availability of our blog in past few months. Thanks to the renewal of our web server and the optimization of our applications this should not happen again. The new blog offers among other things, a better usability on mobile devices and more networking with the social networks.
We thank you for your loyalty and wish you much fun with the igus ® blog.

PS: You are welcome to make suggestions via comments.