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robolink writing application

Company Djukic Software GmbH in Nürnberg (GER) has developped a software for easy programming of individual joint arms.

The video shows first results for our RL-D 4 DOF joint arm (RL-D-RBT-3322-AC). It shows the easy use of "inverse kinematics" in this case (programming of xyz movements for a robotic arm).

Please contact Mr. Djukic for more details *:

Djukic Software GmbH, Gärtnerstr. 17, D-90408 Nürnberg, Tel: +49-(0)911-4313-686

email:   info@djukic-soft.com,

Web:   www.djukic-soft.com

more details about his product are also shown in youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=robolink+Djukic


 * igus does not offer or supply control Hard- or Software for robot arms!

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm "big"

attached are the download files for our "big" standard version:

Download STEP data 4 DOF BV:    RBT-5532-AC.zip (1.27 mb)

Download PDF drawing 4 DOF BV:  RL-D-RBT-5532-AC - RL-10444.pdf (234.78 kb)

Download data sheets for 4 joints BV:  PDF-RL-D-joints-BV.zip (514.41 kb)


One complete set of building blocks consists of:

4 motorized RL-D joints (here: 2x RL-D-50, 1x RL-D-30 and 1x RL-D-20 with igus stepper motors):

base rotation: RL-D-50-102-48 with NEMA23XL first pvoting axis: RL-D-50-101-48 with NEMA23XL
2nd pivoting axis: RL-D-30-101with NEMA23 3rd pivoting axis: RL-D-20-101 with NEMA17


4 connection sets (basically folded metal sheets with screws:

"base box" for rotation axis connection between Rotation and first Pivoting joints
connection between first and 2nd pivoting joints connection between 2nd and 3rd pivoting joints


set of cables and chains to be attached: 

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm "small"


As shown before we offer 2 different "standard solutions" of possible 4 DOF joint arms (these sizes can be supplied from stock in max. 1 week, different combinations or lengths can last 2-4 weeks).

Today I publish new documents for our "small arm" (2 pcs. RL-D-30 and 2 pcs. RL-D-20) including:

STEP data of the complete arm (with igus® stepper motors), Drawing for the components, current STEP data for the arm.

The complete arm also contains cables and igus® e-chains® for all 4 axis, the motor, encoder and Ini-cables (12 in total) are guided out the base unit by screwings and can directly be connected to your control unit.


Download STEP data 4 DOF:     RL-D-RBT-3322-AC.stp (6.85 mb)

Download PDF drawing 4 DOF  RL-D-RBT-3322-AC - RL-10436.pdf (227.09 kb)

Download data sheets for 4 joints   PDF-RL-D-joints-SV.zip (326.69 kb)




Application video with robolink® D (direct driven joints)

A new "mix tape" with different robolink® D applications:

Attached our current catalogue in English. It contains mostly informations about our wire driven joint arms robolink® W ("wire").

On page 30-35, you will find more informations about robolink D ("direct"). Our new product robolink® S (strain wave gears) is not yet inside, this is not yet a product!

Download catalogue:  EU_robolink_04_2016_s.pdf (3.61 mb)

Videos with 6 DOF demo units (HMI trade show 2016)

The 2 videos show robolink® prototype units with 6 DOF each, using our standard RL-D joints as well as our new RL-S joints (strain wave gears). These units are NOT yet a product. I will explain more about the ideas and technology in later entries.

3x RL-D (axis 1-3) and 3x RL-S (axis 4-6)

4x RL-D (axis 1-3 and 5), 1x RL-S (axis 6) and 1x special solution (axis 4)