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Application video with robolink D (direct driven joints)

a new "mix tape" with different robolink D applications:

attached our current catalogue in English. It contains mostly informations about our wire driven joint arms robolink W ("wire").

On page 30-35, you will find more informations about robolink D ("direct"). Our new product robolink S (strain wave gears) is not yet inside, this is not yet a product!

Download catalogue:  EU_robolink_04_2016_s.pdf (3.61 mb)

Videos with 6 DOF demo units (HMI trade show 2016)

the 2 videos show robolink prototype units with 6 DOF each, using our standard RL-D joints as well as our new RL-S joints (strain wave gears). These units are NOT yet a product. I will explain more about the ideas and technology in later entries.

3x RL-D (axis 1-3) and 3x RL-S (axis 4-6)

4x RL-D (axis 1-3 and 5), 1x RL-S (axis 6) and 1x special solution (axis 4)

robolink NEWS at HMI 2016, strain wave gears

At Hannover trade show next week (HMI 2016) we will present several new components and and possible options for our robolink building block kit.

Main new product is our new strain wave gear RL-S. We will present 2 sizes (RL-S-17 and RL-S-20) as prototypes. With these gears we show 2 prototypes of possible 6 axis robot arms. The new RL-S gears are mainly used as 4th and 6th axis in the robots.

Here you can find the robolink NEWS in our HMI flyer:

Download news flyer:  DE-EN_HMI 2016_robolink_web.pdf (3.64 mb)

The video shows the idea and the working of the new strain wave gear coupled with our igus stepper motors NEMA17 or NEMA23:

RL-D component concept

Last week I presented the idea to purchase our RL-D 4 DOF robot arms as a complete set (without control components).

Today I want to suggest another idea. Our customer OPTIMA consumer GmbH in Germany uses only our RL-D joints. They attached their own (servo-)motors and used our 3D STEP data for the metal sheet parts to make their own connections. The video shows the first movements of their robot arm: