robolink® NEWS for MOTEK show

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At the MOTEK show in Stuttgart (GER), we will present the following MAIN news for robolink:

Our current 4 DOF joint kit system will be enlarged by a fifth axis (“hand rotation”). This will be achieved with our NEW strain wave gear box RL-S-17 in combination with an igus NEMA11 stepper motor. From next week on we will be able to offer and suplly 5 DOF joint arms with our lightweight, lubrication free joint system. Please find attached our latest NEWS brochure (as pdf) with latest news on page 8, 14-15 and 22-23.

DOWNLOAD MOTEK NEWS brochure (pdf): de-en_moteknews_robolink_041016 (3.90 mb)

Also attached 3D STEP data for our small and big version 5 DOF joint arms as well as drawings with part lists.

The picture shows our 5th axis that can directly be mounted to our RL-D-20-101 joint (usually used as 4th axis in our arms). Datasheet for this unit attached as PDF.


DOWNLOAD datasheet 5th axis: eu_datenblatt_robolink_rl-sc-17_v4 (744.84 kb)

DOWNLOAD drawing 5 DOF arm “small”: rl-d-rbt-3322s-ac-rl-10465 (237.71 kb)

DOWNLOAD drawing 5 DOF arm “big”: rl-d-rbt-5532s-ac-rl-10466 (241.10 kb)

DOWNLOAD STEP data 5 DOF arm “small”: rl-d-rbt-3322-ac-5dof (1.03 mb)

DOWNLOAD STEP data 5 DOF arm “big”: rl-d-rbt-5532-ac-5dof (1.32 mb)

The 5 DOF arm looks like that: