RL-D 4 DOF standard arm “small”

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As shown before we offer 2 different “standard solutions” of possible 4 DOF joint armsRL-D 4 DOF standard arm small (these sizes can be supplied from stock in max. 1 week, different combinations or lengths can last 2-4 weeks).

Today I publish new documents for our “small arm” (2 pcs. RL-D-30 and 2 pcs. RL-D-20) including:

STEP data of the complete arm (with igus® stepper motors), Drawing for the components, current STEP data for the arm.

The complete arm also contains cables and igus® e-chains® for all 4 axis, the motor, encoder and Ini-cables (12 in total) are guided out the base unit by screwings and can directly be connected to your control unit.


Download STEP data 4 DOF:    rl-d-rbt-3322-ac (6.85 mb)

Download PDF drawing 4 DOF  rl-d-rbt-3322-ac-rl-10436 (227.09 kb)

Download data sheets for 4 joints   pdf-rl-d-joints-sv (326.69 kb)