robolink® NEWS at HMI 2016, strain wave gears

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At Hannover trade show next week (HMI 2016) we will present several new components and and possible options for our robolink® building block kit.

Main new product is our new strain wave gear RL-S. We will present 2 sizes (RL-S-17 and RL-S-20) as prototypes. With these gears we show 2 prototypes of possible 6 axis robot arms. The new RL-S gears are mainly used as 4th and 6th axis in the robots.

Here you can find the robolink® NEWS in our HMI flyer:

Download news flyer:  de_en_hmi_2016_robolink_web (3.64 mb)

The video shows the idea and the working of the new strain wave gear coupled with our igus® stepper motors NEMA17 or NEMA23: