robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF

4 DOF. As our joints are available in 3 Sizes: -50, -30 and -20, we suggest to possible designs:

SMALL version (SV): RL-D-30-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints).

BIG version (BV): RL-D-50-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-50-101 / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints).


robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.2
picture small version assembly (gripper not included) assembly drawing small version

robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.3 robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.4
picture big version assembly (tool not included) assembly drawing big version


The SV is able to carry ~1kg max, the BV up to ~3kg max. We offer the joints and motors (as before) plus the “connection parts” (mostly folded metal sheets with some SLS connection parts) as kit sets and additionally a set of motor/encoder cables with igus e-chains and “chain holders” (orange poarts on the pic.). Please let me know in case this is interesting for you ( At the next HMI show in april it will be possible to order this from stock.

You can downlod the step data of the 2 versions and an assembly drawing right here.

STEP data SV link: 4-dof-sv (1.09 mb)

STEP data BV link: 4-dof-bv (1.32 mb)

pdf drawing assembly link SV: rl-d-rbt-3322-aa-rl-10394 (194.15 kb)

pdf drawing assembly link BV: rl-d-rbt-5532-aa-rl-10393 (195.49 kb)

reverse play (backlash) for RL-D

our customers often ask about the backlash (or reverse play) for our RL-D joints. It is obvious, that any worm gear is NOT backlash free.

The backlash of our lubrication free plastic worm gear (usually combined with an aluminium HC worm shaft) can be influenced by temperature or payload. We have now measured the reverse play for different types and sizes of our joints at zero payload. As a result, we measured values between 0,20° and 0,45° on the output side of our joints (at the PRT = “polymer round table”).

We will now examine this more closely and give more detailed informations later. In our updated data sheet we state a reverse play of < 0,5° for all STANDARD and HIGH END joints. Download link for the updated data sheet attached.

DOWNLAOD LINK -101 (symmetrical with 2 PRT)  tech-data-rl-d-101-_d-eng_16_02 (177.05 kb)

DOWNLOAD LINK -102 (asymmetrical with 1 PRT)  tech-data-rl-d-102-_d-eng_16_02 (168.36 kb)