“do-it-yourself” at SPS show in Nürnberg (24.-26.11.15)

We will present our idea of robolink D as a joint kit for the design of individual robot arms with a new demo unit at the SPS show in Nürnberg.

The unit consists of 1 rotating table (d=1,2m), moved by 1 RL-D-50-102 and 2 robolink arms with 4 DOF each (one arm holds a rotating polishing wheel instead of a joint). The connections are made by folded metal sheets.

igus offers joints and motors plus accessories for our customers to design their individual robotic solution. We do not offer complete solutions or arms (like the ones on the unit), 3D Step data of the current metal sheet solution are provided for free on request.

The stepper motors in our arms are driven by Nanotec stepper motor controllers (SMCI47-S2) and an Arduino main board. Control parts are not part of our scope of delivery!

The current concept is explained in this Picture:

do-it-yourself at SPS show in Nürnberg (24.-26.11.15)